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1Heiken Ashi candles plotted on graph BinanceHeiken Ashi candles plotted on graph Binance

Heiken Ashi candles plotted on graph Binance

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I will use the 'heikin_ashi' code to answer the example of using mplfinance, a popular finance library, for the graph. There are many other libraries available for visualizing investments, so we will use this as a basic form for data acquisition and visualization. A sample of mplfinance can be found here for reference.

import yfinance as yf
import pandas as pd
import mplfinance as mpf

data ="AAPL", start="2021-07-01", end="2022-01-01", progress=False)
data.columns = ['open', 'high', 'low', 'close', 'adj close', 'volume']

def heikin_ashi(df):
    heikin_ashi_df = df.copy()
    #heikin_ashi_df = pd.DataFrame(index=df.index.values, columns=['open', 'high', 'low', 'close'])
    heikin_ashi_df['close'] = (df['open'] + df['high'] + df['low'] + df['close']) / 4
    for i in range(len(df)):
        if i == 0:
            heikin_ashi_df.iat[0, 0] = df['open'].iloc[0]
            heikin_ashi_df.iat[i, 0] = (heikin_ashi_df.iat[i-1, 0] + heikin_ashi_df.iat[i-1, 3]) / 2
    heikin_ashi_df['high'] = heikin_ashi_df.loc[:, ['open', 'close']].join(df['high']).max(axis=1)
    heikin_ashi_df['low'] = heikin_ashi_df.loc[:, ['open', 'close']].join(df['low']).min(axis=1)
    return heikin_ashi_df

df_ha = heikin_ashi(data)
# mpf plotting
mpf.plot(df_ha, type='candle', figratio=(8,4), title='APPL', style='yahoo')

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